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  • The Correct Way To Operate The Valve
    Jan 16, 2018

    Before operating the valve, read the operating instructions carefully. Be sure to clear the gas flow before operation, should pay attention to check the valve opening and closing signs. Check the appearance of the valve to see if the valve is damp, if there is moisture to be dried; if there are other issues to be promptly handled, shall not take fault operation. If it is to disable the electric valve for more than 3 months, check the clutch before starting. After confirming that the handle is in the manual position, check the insulation, steering and electrical wiring of the motor.

    Manual valve is the most widely used valve, its handwheel or handle, is designed to be an ordinary manpower, taking into account the strength of the sealing surface and the necessary closing force. Therefore, you can not use the long lever or long hand to move plate. Some people are accustomed to using the wrench, should pay strict attention to open the valve should force smooth, to avoid excessive force, resulting in opening and closing the valve, force should be smooth, can not impact. Some of the impact of high-pressure valve opening and closing of the various components have been considered this impact with the general valve can not wait for Gang.