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  • Proper Maintenance Prolongs The Service Life Of The Generator Set
    Jan 16, 2018

    Before starting the generator set to add coolant. When filling, open the bleed valve of the cooling system of the upper part of the engine and slowly add the coolant to the engine through the water inlet of the radiator tank until there is no air bubbles and then stop discharging from the bleed valve. Coolant should be added to the cooling water tank neck under the nozzle, should not be over. After filling, close the bleed valve and open the cut-off on the water filter unit seat so that the DCA 4 additive can be mixed into the cooling system. The coolant used in the cooling system should consist of three components, pure water, antifreeze and DCA4 additive. The coolant contains 50% pure water, 50% antifreeze and 0.5 units of DCA4 additive per liter of coolant. With a good coolant can be used throughout the year, but can be used for two years in succession.