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  • Industrial Valve Market Development, What Are The Main Factors
    Jan 16, 2018

    The valve is a control component in the fluid delivery system with functions such as cut-off, regulation, flow diversion, counterflow prevention, voltage regulation, shunt or overflow relief. Valves can be divided into industrial control valves and civilian valves, industrial control valves are mainly used for regulating industrial flow in the field of process control automation, pressure, temperature, liquid level and other process parameters. According to different classification standards, industrial control valves can be divided into different types: According to the regulation of the form, can be divided into regulatory, cut off, adjust the cut off; According to the body material points can be divided into metal, non-metallic, metal According to the driving mode, it can be divided into electric type, pneumatic type, hydraulic type and manual type. According to the temperature range, it can be divided into ultra-low temperature valve, low temperature valve, normal temperature valve, medium temperature valve and high temperature valve. Pressure range, can be divided into vacuum valves, low pressure valves, medium pressure valves, high pressure valves, ultra-high pressure valve.