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  • How To Maintain Car Engine Parts
    Jan 16, 2018

    For the maintenance of the engine, the main is the replacement of oil, think of engine performance and use of time longer, you can 3000-4000 km to do the second maintenance, the other is to clean the engine surface, as for the internal structure, do not do their own demolition, Because some gasket did not put or the screw is not tight, then there will be oil spills.Of their maintenance of the engine is mainly the package surface cleaning.

    After the opening of the new car, in the beginning of the 2500 km run-in period, driving to the oil should not exceed 3/4 accelerator pedal, to avoid the engine at the beginning of the extreme working condition. Specifically, the general speed of diesel engine does not exceed 3000 rev / min, gasoline engine speed generally not more than 4500 rev / min, let the engine running at low speed condition. Car driving, it is best to change the driving speed, and choose different road conditions, the engine at different working conditions. This is more conducive to the running of new cars. Therefore, the new car on the general road than on the highway more conducive to running in. Keep in mind that lubricating oil warms up more slowly than the coolant. This requires a period of time after a cold start, at low speed, under light load, and then gradually increasing engine speed and load. Frequent cold starts are detrimental to the engine.

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