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  • Electric Ball Valve Technology Media Ratio Adjustment Switch
    Jan 16, 2018

    Electric ball valve more types, according to the different needs of users choose different types of products, according to their functional characteristics of choice. BZ series of sanitary ball valve after a rigorous testing process and strict quality management so many users are concerned about, followed by the flow channel through the precision polishing and sterilization even with a full package of 4F seal without dead ends easier to clean. For the choice of electric ball valve according to their own actual situation to buy, understand the advantages of its functional characteristics compared to three goods.

    Electric ball valve with a high utilization rate, but also gradually formed a high intelligence development, actuator and ball valve without bracket, followed by reducing the quality problems caused by installation and connection, but also for the plant to save space. Its material is made of 316 stainless steel, the inner wall of the runner 240Grit polished to keep the fluid flow unimpeded. No bracket and actuator integrated connection, flow capacity of large controllable gas, liquid, steam is more suitable for controlling high viscosity and fibrous granular fluid. Also suitable for demanding sealing occasions.