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  • Analysis Of Generator Brush Failure Causes
    Jan 16, 2018

    The sustained and rapid development of the national economy in recent years has widened the gap between the already severe power supply demand and the provision and installation of newly-built generating units, self-provided power systems for various industries and self-provided engine systems such as "springing up everywhere". The generator excitation system of carbon brush operation and maintenance of technology is the traditional technology, technology and technical level over the years without substantial breakthrough. Therefore, the parties concerned about the generator excitation system is not enough, limited investment, which led to the excitation system carbon brush accident. Nearly a period of multi-phase safety briefing, continuous notification of several large generating units, due to carbon brush or rotor slip ring caused by downtime accidents, causing greater economic losses to the enterprise. When the lead-in current of the carbon brush in the operation of the failure, how to identify the type and nature of the fault in order to eliminate faults as soon as possible to ensure the stable operation of equipment, we need to seriously consider. The author combines years of work practice, talk about the application of motor brush for readers reference, with a view to avoid the occurrence of carbon brush accident.