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  • What are the main types of rotary valve?
    Jan 16, 2018

    Known as the rotary valve rotary valve, according to its type can be divided into three types, the first is the butterfly valve. Butterfly valve is mainly the use of baffles and leaves the shaft as the center to turn it must have an angle to the direction of system flow. The shape of the baffles and vanes looks like a butterfly. The role of the disk valve is to cut and adjust, which is more suitable for some slurry-like fluids and fluids with some suspended solids. The second is the ball valve, which is special because of the spool is a spherical body with a round hole, when the valve is open at the fluid through, if the ball swivel 90 degree rotation cut off the logistics, its pressure drop is small, Suitable for high temperature and pressure properties of the fluid. The third is the plunger valve, which is mainly suitable for switching by the system.