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    Jan 16, 2018

    1, mechanical type: relying on the steam trap condensate level changes in water movements, including: Float: Float closed hollow sphere. Float up float type: Float for the opening up the barrel. Float down the float type: the float is open downward barrel.

    2, thermal static type: relying on changes in liquid temperature and action, including: bimetal: sensitive original bimetal. Vapor Pressure: The sensitive original is a bellows or cartridge filled with volatile liquid.

    3, thermodynamic type: relying on the thermodynamic properties of the liquid changes. Disc type: Because of the same pressure, the flow rate of liquid and gas are different, resulting in different dynamic and static pressure to drive the disc valve action. Pulsed: Due to the different temperatures of the condensate through the bipolar series orifice plate, sitting in the bipolar orifice orifice between the different pressures, driving the valve action.