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  • Pneumatic valve fault check and maintenance matters
    Jan 16, 2018

    Pneumatic control valve to control simple, fast response, and intrinsically safe, without the need to take another explosion-proof measures, has been widely used in various industries petroleum, chemical, power, metallurgy and other industrial enterprises widely used. We have to value its life, how to make it longevity? Then daily inspection and maintenance is essential.

    Pneumatic valve with graphite asbestos filler, about three months should be added to the filler on a lubricant to ensure that the pneumatic control valve flexible and easy to use. Found that packing under pressure is very low pressure, you should add filler, PTFE packing found hardening should be promptly replaced; should pay attention to the operation of the pneumatic control valve in the tour inspection, check the valve position indicator and adjust The output of the device is consistent; the positioner pneumatic control valve should always check the gas source and found that problems in a timely manner; should always maintain the health of the pneumatic valve and the various components of a complete and easy to use.