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  • Normally open pneumatic ball valve and normally closed pneumatic ball valve distinction
    Jan 16, 2018

    Pneumatic valve is composed of pneumatic actuator and ball valve. The pneumatic actuator is divided into two kinds of double-acting and single-acting two, double-acting pneumatic actuator with rack and pinion, piston, output shaft, seals and other parts. Its composition with the ball valve double acting pneumatic valve, connected to compressed air, the air pressure to promote cylinder piston action, driven output shaft rotation 90 ℃, the ball valve open or closed. When the air supply is disconnected, there is no pressure in the cylinder, the output shaft stops rotating, and the ball valve remains in the open or closed position. Only by re-connected to the gas source before resuming action, so for double-acting pneumatic valve, there is no normally open and normally closed distinction.