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  • High temperature and pressure solenoid valve which structural features
    Jan 16, 2018

    High-pressure solenoid valve is divided into direct-acting and pilot-type two structures, using a unique space concept, dish piston structure, lightweight and flexible, the valve guide to the piston up and down movement from the center, effectively prevent the piston stuck in the valve cavity failure. Leading design of the three-dimensional sealing structure can be flexibly matching different sealing materials, the valve can reach zero leakage. High-pressure solenoid valve with brass high-pressure solenoid valve and high-pressure stainless steel solenoid valve.

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    High-pressure solenoid valve is a pilot-type normally closed valve, when the coil is energized, the formation of a magnetic field, the pilot valve is open, so that the upper part of the piston pressure is reduced, so rely on pressure to the piston pushed up, the pipeline unimpeded, , The piston drops, thus cutting off the pipeline.

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